Part I of the NFHS Test is open and all members must complete it.  The only rule change is about the DH.  It is similar to the rule instituted by NY State last year, but do not apply the NY rule to the NFHS test.  Hopefully we will find out what NY intends to do with their rule.  There are only a few questions on the test that refer to the new rule.   If you want a 2020 rule book before the February 11 meeting contact Bill O’Morrissey at (914) 443-0434, and we'll figure out a way to meet and give you one.  Or you can come by the class at Chester Jan 9, 14, or 16.  Please let Bill know.


To do the test go to and follow the links on the page to log in.  Before starting the test go to Settings and make sure you have New York for the state and Orange County for local association.  Make sure your email address is correct.  After you do the test (you need to get at least 80 to pass) you will receive an email from NFHS with your score.  Please print that out and keep it or forward the email (not the dashboard) to me.  I will keep these in case there is a question about whether or not you completed the test.

Part 1 of the Exam will be available on line until March 18th.  Failure to pass the test by the March 18 date will result in being ineligible for game assignments in 2020.