All meeting are at Chester Academy at 7:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted:

Tuesday, February 11th.  General Meeting


Wednesday, February 19.  Summer baseball.  Our summer assignor will run this meeting, collect summer dues, and go over the online scheduling.  This is primarily for those interested in working over the summer but anybody may attend and get credit for a meeting.  A W9 will be required from anyone doing summer baseball.  A copy can be obtained the IRS website. (, search for W9)


Monday, March 9.  This is a training session for new officials from the January class.  It is mandatory for them but anybody may attend for credit.


Tuesday, March 10.  This is a training session for all members with less than five years membership.  Anybody who started in OCBUA in 2015 or later must attend.  Others may attend for credit.


Thursday, April 2.  Double meeting.  To go over Part I of the NFHS test.


Monday, April 20.  General Meeting.


Thursday, May 21.  Part II of the NFHS test.


 Wednesday, June 3.  Double Meeting.  Dinner meeting at Old Erie in Middletown.  7:30 start time.  Elections for Officers will be held.


All members are required to attend five meetings a year.  There are many meetings scheduled, as well as a game observation you may do to count for one meeting, and there will be State Interpretation meetings at some point.  It is inconceivable that somebody cannot find a way to meet the five meeting requirement.